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Customers love and reviews

Check out Easyflash's reviews from REAL customers describing why Easyflash is the BEST platform to book a photoshoot!

Every month, we receive numerous letters from our customers telling us how much they LOVED their Easyflash experience. As a result, we thought we would let them tell you "why" easyflash is the best platform to book a photoshoot. Indeed, the photoshoot is free! And after it takes place, you only purchase the pictures you desire. Isn’t that amazing? Keep scrolling to see what people say about us...
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"This process is quick, easy and affordable. As a content creator, I understand the content creation struggle! On more than one occasion I’ve had to take pictures of myself self-portrait style or ask a non-photographer friend to do me a favor. I’ve developed dope self-portrait photography skills in the process but I still prefer working with photographers and other talented creatives. Don’t get me wrong, I do have talented shooters in my life as you can see on my Instagram but since our schedules don’t always align having alternatives like EasyFlash is major key!"
( Shooting solo for her Instagram and her blog)
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Photo with Conscious and chic photo of consciousnchic in Montreal Photoshoot of consciousnchic photo of a blogger

"The concept is amazing and the photographer was really professional and super nice. He gave me advice on how to pose to obtain the best results."
- Sarah Dib ( Shooting solo for her Instagram and Facebook)

Solo photoshoot sarah dib. She has a nice outfit and she is beautiful. The photoshoot was in Montreal. photoshoot of Steve Daniel in Montreal.

"Personally, my experience was quite simple and efficient. My mistake was that I didn’t bring alternative outfit [...] I received my pictures 2 days later and out of the 59 pictures that I’ve received, I love 54 of them!" - Steve Daniel (Shooting solo for his blog and his social media accounts)
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photoshoot of Steve Daniel in Montreal. photoshoot of Steve Daniel in Montreal.

The photographer made a stunning work! Best family pictures ever! I was worried before the photoshoot but I really liked my experience. - Carmen Pino Zambrano (Family Photoshoot)

Family photoshoot. there is the parents and two children who have a lot of fun.

"My photographoot was just amazing..." - Chaya Harroch (Photoshoot solo for her instagram)

Fashion photoshoot of Chaya Harroch. She says chhh.

"Les photos étaient superbes et par dessus tout j'ai appris et j'ai passé un très bon moment." - Kevin Nitchu

Black man very concentred in the photo.

"The day of the shoot, Anna came to my home, but you can choose to meet wherever you would like to have your photos taken. She spent an hour shooting three different themes for me that I later used for my blog and Instagram posts. We managed to basically shoot three photo shoots in one, all in under an hour.
After the photo shoot, the photographer sends you low-res versions of the photos from the shoot and then you can choose to purchase only the ones you love. The photographers on Easyflash.co offer very reasonable packages starting at three high-resolution photos for $39 and up to $149 for 60 high-res photos. Still a lot less expensive than hiring a pro."
( Shooting solo for her Instagram and her blog)
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Photo with eatdrinkbcarrie. photo of eatdrinkbcarrie in Montreal Photoshoot of eatdrinkbcarrie eatdrinkbcarrie's picture

"Honestly, I was skeptical at first because of previous bad experiences [...] Overall, great service and I received the pictures 3-4 days after the session. Good for any kind of budget and especially if your schedule is chaotic." - Jefferson motown for Montrealgotstyle
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Montrealgotstyle try easyflash. Here is a nice photo of him smoking.

"The photographer is very professional and I had a great time working with him. The photos are beautiful, I highly recommend them ! Thanks again guys" - Noël Contu Falcetta

Noel is in a rooftop. the photoshoot was with simon.Noel did a photo session with simon.

"My fiancé and I booked our engagement session with Simon The experience was so much fun and the photos were beautiful! Could not be anymore satisfied with their service! Highly recommend!" - Maria Conta

two people are in love.

"Fadia is awesome! She did a great job capturing the style we wanted. She was flexible with the schedule and location and at a great price." - Sunil ( Shooting solo for themselves

Couple photo session. The photoshoot was in Montreal. engagement photoshoot in Montreal.

"My son’s first photo shoot pictures were beautiful. Thank you Anna for the amazing service. �"

Baby photo. A second baby photo. He is happy

"the photographer made the whole process fun, easy and a learning experience." - Nick frai (Solo Photoshoot)

"This concept is amazing! I booked a photoshoot twice. First time for dating app and the second time to apply for a modeling agency" - Remi

"Try it out! It's free" - Lucas (Photo Shooting solo for his Instagram and Facebook)

lucas picture in a nice outfit. Second picture of lucas who tried Easyflash.

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