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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Easyflash ?
  • Easyflash is a website where you can book a free photoshoot and only pay for the photos you truly desire. If you don't like your pictures, don't buy them. The first package begins at $39 for 3 photos.

  • How can I book a photoshoot ?
  • You can book a free photoshoot here.

  • How much does it cost ?
  • The photoshoot is free. However, after the photoshoot takes place, you can purchase your selected pictures on the website according to the packages you desire. Pricing for the packages can be found here.

  • Does the photographer edit the pictures ?
  • Yes, the photographer edits the pictures of your photoshoot and there isn't an additional charge

  • Can I bring different outfits ?
  • Of course you can bring different outfits! You also have the possibilty to bring your friends.

  • Can it last more than one hour ?
  • You need to ask to your photographer an extra time. Depending on the photographer, the answer could be yes or no.

  • Can I have multiple locations ?
  • Depending on the photographer, our users usually have 1 to 3 locations.

  • I just booked a photoshoot. What happens now ?
  • Photographers will receive a request and get back to you through the website or by text within the next two hours.

  • What if I haven't gotten a response to my photoshoot request?
  • You can re-book a free photoshoot here to find a photographer quickly, or book with a specific photographer on the website. It's your choice.

  • How can I contact my photographer ?
  • You can contact your photographer through the website after they have approved your request. However, we advise you to include your phone number in the message section before booking a photoshoot so that you get a text notification when a photographer accepts your request.

  • Who has the copyright ?
  • The photographer possesses the copyright. You have the right to use the photos for personal use only (not commercial, you cannot sell them). Indeed, you can print them, share them on social media, and hopefully hang them on your wall!
    We often display customer photos on our social media accounts. However, if you prefer to keep them private, just let us know and we will never post anything publicly.

  • How do I purchase a package ?
  • The only way to buy a package is on the website.

  • In which cities is Easyflash available ?
  • The available cities can be found at the bottom of our home page!